Where to start?

Just like it says on the tin. Where to start?

My name is Rachel, I’m engaged (just under 4 months to go – EEK!) and have the best family and friends around.

You would think being an English Language graduate I’d have plenty to say and many ways in which to say it. Leave me to my own devices though and it’s either rambling rubbish or like getting blood from a stone!

A few months ago I went to an event which was aimed at bloggers – may post about this event in due course so keep those peepers peeled – and since then have joined the amazing Ellefluence , a blogger and influencer community (which you MUST check out when they officially launch, make sure you sign up at their website!) It’s interested me more and more into saying why I like something and talking about things that I find interesting. But until now not had the guts to start a platform with enough space to say it all.

So here I am! This will more than likely be some posts on bargains, make-up, food and a little bit of everything. Hope you enjoy!


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