My Happiness Planner

Now some of you may have already heard of The Happiness Planner , but those of you who don’t – or want to read more about them – here’s my take.

I feel like I tend to put myself almost second to others and concentrate more on their wellbeing rather than my own. Not that caring is a bad thing – but there were a few times last year I found myself realising I wasn’t doing okay sometimes. A saying that I try to stick with is how ‘you can’t be of any good to others if you don’t take care of yourself’ So this year I decided to take that by the horns and actually have regular me time.

A few posts had been flying about on my timeline about this Happiness Planner that was around and it got me intrigued. How does it make you happy? Can you plan happiness?
Well I can tell you it is a brilliant tool for helping you concentrate on you.

Being a daily diary means you are 100% guaranteed to have some time for yourself in the day – unless your day is so busy you forget to do it!

The beginning of the diary gets you to answer a few questions about where you are in yourself now and what you aim to achieve in yourself in the year ahead. A good place to start as it already gets you to focus on what you want to work on for yourself.

To start each page you get a quote.

This was the quote on the first day of me using my planner.
Now use these quotes however you want to take them. You can choose to take the quote as your motto of the day. Maybe even find a situation in your day to apply it – almost like your goal for the day to find it.

Personally I like to take these as challenges, if I can. To keep the quote in my head and by the end of the day, when it comes to fill in my daily page, feel like I understand it better for myself than I did from the first read that morning.

Already I’m finding little things in not-so-good days to make them not-so-bad. 

If you’re wanting to make sure you have some QT for you these are definitely worth the investment and there are many different kinds so you can find the best one for you. Also so many pretty colour ways they’re appealing to the eye before you even try them!

It even says it right on the front. Focus on what makes you happy.

Anyone given these a go? What do you think? Anyone intrigued by them?


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