Thank you Mr Postman!

This is going to initially sound like a very whiney post but I promise it is for a reason! Over the past few weeks I have had a right nightmare trying to receive a package from Royal Mail!

I ordered a package from  Now That’s Charming over on Etsy. I’ll get to her later.
To cut a long story short; I paid my customs charge and a good multiple redeliveries over the space of two weeks never happened.

Fortunately, the postman for my work – where I had the package logged to send – is a nice guy we chat to from time to time. So I raised my issue and asked his advice. He said he’d have a look at his end and see if he could find out where my item was. Now, bearing in mind this package was wedding related, well, you could say I was freaking out. Especially after I was told it was likely that it would be either returned to the States or destroyed!

It was on my day off when my manager text me to say that said postman had come in – even though he had no post for us! – to tell me that he sourced my package and it was at the local post office. HE FOUND IT!

I had already been in touch with Now That’s Charming to ask for her to resend should it be reutrned to her. She was so understanding and kept watch for my item to return it to my desperate self! So not only did I recieve wondeful customer service from this shop, the item is perfect! I’m afraid I’m being ellusive as to the contents of the package in case Carl reads this! But I whole heartedly reccomend Now That’s Charming if you enjoy a peruse for gifts on Etsy.

Now, this isn’t a post to slam Royal Mail – I’ve had no previous issues so hope that this never happens again – but to say that a little effort goes a long way. Mr Postman didnt have to look for the item, he didn’t have to divert slightly off his walk to let me know where my item was. But he did. So to say a little thank you I got him a small box of Heroes. He wasn’t expecting it and they were gratefully recieved. It was ironic him thanking me for thanking him for helping me!

So, to summarize. A small action of help can make a tonne of difference to another person. A small token of gratitude can make the day brighter for someone who is ‘only doing their job’.

Thank you, Mr Postman!

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