Bargain Hunting in Durham – Home Decor Edition

Earlier this month I posted about a Day Out in Durham had by friend Amy and I. Now, I’m the sort of person who flocks to those bright red SALE signs and isn’t shy to root through the bargain rail. Don’t get me wrong I’ve also been known to splash unnecessarily on products. But while in Durham I just couldnt help hearing the call of those bargain buckets and here are a few that I picked up that day! Currently my fiancé and I are in the process of buying a house so this haul is very homeware based.

Hubby and Wifey Mug Set

Throughout the whole engagement and wedding process I’ve tried to avoid paraphernalia with ‘Groom’ and ‘Bride’ on them unless they are a multi-use buy – because as gorgeous as they can be, I currently can’t justify spending the money on things we can only use once that won’t be an exclusive part of the wedding.

These Clintons ceramic mugs were a definite exception. Wifey for Lifey as the phrase says! We can use these mugs for as long as they last before the first break. Such a cute and simple design without being too tacky. Down from £10 to £5 they just couldnt be resisted! Shop here.

Love Quote Block

So, there’s a theme here. I hit the Valentine’s sale items!

Sale item with sparkle – ultimate temptation alert! I adore this quote block from Clintons, simple and shimmery. It’s extremely fitting for Carl and I as we were just friends for four years before we started to become a couple. We already knew each other’s silly, embarrassing sides and knew everything you would stereotypically divulge in the early stages of a relationship. So with that basis this decor item was too hard to walk away from to add to the new house. Especially when it was down to just £3!! They aren’t available online anymore but if you’re lucky you may find one tucked in a store.

Madhouse Welcome Mat

This was just too funny not to resist! I love a good look around The Gift Company and I almost always come out with something. This time it was the most welcoming piece of the home right at the front door – so why not let people know what they’re in for before they set foot? If there is anything I want for our future home it’s for people to feel welcome and comfortable. It’s also safe to say our friends are a bit crackers so what better than to say they’re coming into somewhere they belong? With an RRP of £15 and for sale at £5 it’s safe to say it is a bargain.
What’s your favourite type of bargain? What do you like to splash out on? Any recommendations for a good bargain buy?


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