Why a long haul flight was my first

As you’ve noticed it’s been EXTREMELY quiet on the blog front!

In the past two months I married my best friend and we bought our first home together. So safe to say it’s been rather busy and working full time in the mix was beyond words!

Following all the commotion of wedding planning and house buying it was safe to say our honeymoon was desperately needed. After not very many conversations and very few ideas being thrown around we landed on a place we both wanted to visit badly – Walt Disney World Florida!! Now, the excitement I felt and the fun we had will be the content of another blog post or a few. But this post is to explain why the fact I flew eight and a half hours for my honeymoon is a big deal.

I had never flown in a passenger plane before in my life. My only experience with planes in my twenty five years of life was a light aircraft flown by a high school friend when we were nineteen. Four nineteen year olds in a light aircraft flying around the coast of North Tyneside – sounds like a recipe for disaster but fortunately the pilot was one of the more sensible friends! (Come on guys, you know it’s true!)

So, after only experiencing a forty-five minute coastal tour and jumping straight into flying eight and a half hours to Florida, well, it’s safe to say I’ve heard a lot of people call it a brave move! The best way for me to explain why I did it is simply this…

Why would I sacrifice visiting the place I’ve dreamt of visiting since I was a child for a shorter flight to somewhere I don’t really know I want to go to?

Like I say, I have been wanting to go to Walt Disney World for as long as I can remember. From the age that the Lion King leggings were a wardrobe staple at least! So it all came about when Carl and I were talking about the wonderful place in a passing conversation and he came out with the most beautiful phrase – “I wouldn’t mind going there for honeymoon if you want to go?” Well, that was it, planning had begun!

If we had trawled through websites and brochures for months on end we may have never found the stereotypical ‘perfect honeymoon for us’ – so we went for the Disneymoon we both wanted more than any other holiday destination.

Growing up my family holidayed in the U.K. and they were such special moments I would never swap them for the world. So to have the option to go to Walt Disney World with the love of my life at the start of our biggest adventure was such an easy decision.

Some people make the choice to build up their flight confidence with gradually taking longer flights for their holidays, a little like dipping your toe in the water – but for one so amazingly special I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Because sometimes you have to jump in the deep end if you want to swim.

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