Add Some Shimmer to Your Sparkle – Popaball Rose Gold Shimmer for Prosecco 

Nothing like a chilled glass of sparkle after a stressful day or simply to treat yourself. So why not add a little shimmer to your drink?

This was my Saturday night. A glass of prosecco with some good friends.

After hearing and reading about Popaball and their products I finally decided to give their Rose Gold Shimmer for Prosecco a try.

Now, looking at the size of the jar, at first look it seems rather small – 21g for £6.99 – but I am telling you it is fully packed and completely worth it! For one glass you only use one third of a tea spoon. A THIRD! So for the small amount you use per drink it makes the jar completely worth it.

Just add the shimmer to approximately half a glass of prosecco and watch it fizz up then settle to the shimmering swirling beauty of a drink. The company recommend adding to a three quarter full glass and I can support this whole-heartedly as I added some to a full glass and there was a bit of a sparkling overflow. So once it’s settled down top up your glass and enjoy!

Even the shimmer powder itself is pretty to look at.

You can even see those gold flakes ready to swirl your drink into beautiful unicorn prosecco. 

Grab it while you can though, it’s a very comment sell out product!

Popaball also have their staple Popaballs that you just slip into your drink and pop in your mouth with your drink for a taste sensation of various flavours.

I’ve yet to try these but are definitely on my list after this product! Anyone tried the Shimmer or any Popaball recommendations?

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