Turn Christmas Upside Down with Wayfair 

In case you haven’t noticed STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2 RELEASED TODAY and team Wayfair are just as excited about this as me! So much so they even had a company Halloween party with it as the theme. Check out those homemade outfits, who wouldn’t want to party with Eggos?!

What better way of celebrating this wondrous occasion than uniting it with the upcoming festive season and having an Upside Down Christmas?!

The folks over at Wayfair have the perfect upside down trees for all you Stranger Things fans who have that festive spirit brimming inside them. Yes, literally hang them or stand them upside down, add your decoration and you could be in a more festive setting of the Netflix show in your own home! From traditiinal fir green to more modern ice whites there’s bound to be one to fit your Christmas scheme. Just don’t forget your strings of light in homage to the fantastically crazy Joyce.

Not sure why upside down trees are a ‘thing’? Personally I thought they were a new fad. Turns out they are not! They’ve even given you a history here as to how they came about. I know, I didn’t even think something like this would have a history either!

Check out their range and let me know what you think. Fancy swapping gifts with a Demagorgon?


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