Stackers Peaks Ring Holder – Cute and Functional!

You’re ready to do the washing up/cleaning/shower and you need to take your rings off. Where do you put them?

I must say I am notorious for putting something down and forgetting in an instant where I’ve put it. I forget which “safe place” the ring box is currently in and simply putting them down is just a recipe for disaster!

Now, Stackers jewellery boxes have been a staple on my make-up table for a number of years. They are so good at keeping my jewellery in one place and – more importantly – organised! So, when my mam and I were wandering through Fenwicks doing our Christmas shopping we came across the solution to my problem. A Stackers Peaks ring holder.


Like the title of this post says – so cute and yet functional! Yes, it’s a little cone shaped piece of material but with the Stackers official stamp on the bottom and many cute colours, shapes and sizes to choose from there is something for every bedroom decor to keep those babies in an easy to find place.


I opted for the small peak in a neutral blush. The walls of the bedroom are bold red and grey but my table is white so decided to keep it neutral with so many other statement colours already going on around it.


In terms of sizes there are the small cones like I chose and a larger size; the larger size is perfect for bracelets and watches. Some of their larger Peaks have hidden compartments in the bottom, ideal for those little trinkets you daren’t risk leaving loose. There are also multiple choices in colour-ways with choices of neutral and pastel to marble effect and bold gold – which looks gorgeous! You can also go for even more of a geometric, angular feel with one of their Pyramid Peaks if you’re feeling a more bold statement is your design.

With prices ranging from £10 to £20 they aren’t exactly cheap but for quality it’s a great score. If they are anything like Stackers’ jewellery boxes at helping with my organisation I can definitely see myself adding more to the collection!

What sort of organisation do you tend to go for when it comes to your jewellery and accessories? What’s your table-top staple?


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