A Year Round Valentine – When the Day Is Over

Now, there’s so much to the history of traditional St Valentine’s Day – but that’s not what I’m here for so if you are then skip forward.

I’m not a Valentine’s hater by any stretch. But you won’t find me in a huff if there’s no bouquet of roses waiting for me.

For example, this year my husband and I decided we’d pay for a day trip to Pompeii when we’re in Italy instead of more chocolate (we still have Christmas chocolate – what?!) or something for the house to find a place for. A card with a little message does just fine.

Personally, I find it all commercial. Not the flowers or declarations of love – I love it – but the ideology that some people hold that you absolutely must go above and beyond on this day. I (dis)like to call it ‘selective appreciation’. My question is – shouldn’t you show appreciation every day?

By all means buy something special for someone you love – it’s one of the few times you can without it being assumed you’re making up for something!

I feel I must point out at this point that no relationship is perfect – including my own – so this shouldn’t be taken as a preach of sorts and I’m not on my soap box. Just a lengthy thought.

Cooking someone’s favourite meal, buying their favourite flowers, a special gift, a date night, a break away – all stereotypical of Valentine’s Day gifting. But, I ask you – shouldn’t we feel like doing that any day without it having to be February 14th?

See something your loved one would appreciate but it’s not their birthday for several months? Get it. Want to buy someone flowers because you saw some nice ones? Get them. A spa break or weekend away would do you the world of good? Book it.

Not just for your hubby/wifey/bf/gf but I’m talking Galentine’s too, even (and especially) family!

Some folks aren’t that way inclined and that’s fine; they know who they are and what works for their relationships.

Remember that feeling when you get a gift “just because” and the fact that someone thought of you when they saw something makes you feel so touched and appreciative of the fact they spent money on you without being told they have to?

Be that giver. Show the people you love that you love them all the time. Be a year round Valentine.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to insinuate that selective appreciation is a common occurrence. I just think it gets forgotten in this big, fast world.

‘Love’ image by Oliver’s Photography from our wedding collection.

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