The Great British Cupcakery – Afternoon Tea by Newcastle Quayside

This week I treated my mam to a belated Mother’s Day mystery trip out. All she was aware of was that we were getting the Metro to Gateshead and having a wander from Gateshead Quayside over the Millennium bridge to the Newcastle Quayside to our mystery lunch venue.

Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside & Millenium Bridge

From the Millennium Bridge we took a stroll along to one of Newcastle Quayside’s many nestled streets, Queen Street, to a gorgeous place called The Great British Cupcakery. If you’re a North East local you’ve more than likely heard of this place and their monster shakes or unicorn waffles. (Yes, you read that right, Unicorn waffles!) Both of which can be seen over on their Instagram page – warning, may induce cake cravings!

This fabulous venue boasts a clean, modern yet rustic look with a well lit parlour area. With cakes on display from the service counter to shelves adorning the wall you know you’re somewhere that knows their cake. Safe to say my mam was very pleasantly surprised.

Staff were welcoming but not overbearing, showing us to our table, set out ready for us to feast on their finest delicacies.

If you’re planning on visiting for afternoon tea they do require 24 hours advanced notice as everything is prepared fresh on the day. While we were there a party of four came in with no booking and looked very disappointed on realising their error. Don’t let yourself be disappointed in the realms of cake.

We got ourselves comfortable, ordered our coffee – which came in a beautiful vintage-looking pot – and awaited our turn. The table next to us were part way through an afternoon tea so we had some idea of what to expect but nothing prepared us for what came up those stairs.

Sharing Coffee Pot & Afternoon Tea Stand

Just take a look at that stand! Bear in mind that is a stand for one person. Not ashamed to say the whole thing was eaten apart from the strawberry meringue cupcake – which I took home for Carl, top wifey right here!

The sandwiches were delicious and undoubtedly fresh (fillings were: cheese with onion chutney, cheese & pickle, tuna mayonnaise & cucumber and egg mayonnaise) with a cheese scone which I munched on between the sweet things to break up the palette.

Chocolate Brownie, Raspberry Blondie, Jam and Cream Scone

The sweet of the treats consisted of a chocolate brownie that had the right amount off gooey-ness in the centre, a raspberry blondie that melted in your mouth and a jam &  cream scone that towered twice its own height. Best of all they we’re all delicious. There wasn’t a single thing on the stand that I thought “hmm, that could have been slightly better” and I’m not just saying that because I’m writing this!

Disclaimer: this was NOT a gifted visit or sponsored post – just a lady and her mama paying a visit.

For £19.95 per person you certainly get value for money. With the relaxing atmosphere you are able to lose yourself in the beauty of the cake and watch as their various creations come up from the kitchen.

Having previously been for a lunch visit where I ordered a sandwich and slice of traybake this visit proved to me that the Great British Cupcakery is not only delicious but consistent in the quality of their product.

Check out their website for further information on their parlour menu and to book yourself and afternoon tea.

Have you paid the parlour a visit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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