A Kraken Breakfast – Food of Legend in the Centre of Whitley Bay

On a day off there are few pleasures that match treating yourself to a meal out. When I have a day off to myself I enjoy nothing more than a stroll through Whitley Bay or Newcastle punctuated with a bite in a local eatery. Today I decided I would have an extremely productive morning, so to entice myself out of the house before 9am I promised to take myself out for breakfast at newly established The Kraken.

Introductory menu at The Kraken, Whitley Bay

The Kraken is poised on the corner of Oxford Street, in the centre of Whitley Bay – perfect location for a refuel. Formerly known as Cornerstone Cafe headed up by Lyn, The Kraken is now run by son Chris – so you can still expect the homemade delights of before in both new and old staples on the menu.

Opening their doors on Tuesday 29th May, just in time for Our Whitley Bay Food and Drink Week, The Kraken have a great selection of food on their introductory menu.

Join The Kraken this week and receive 50% OFF until Sunday 3rd June (inclusive)

Bonus points especially as Chris has continued the inclusion of fresh vegetarian and vegan options in the menu – something that Cornerstone Cafe had become popular for – along with their delicious homemade cakes and scones. Yum! I even spotted a gluten free pasta option, so it’s safe to say a variety of dietary requirements can be met, just speak with a member of management if you’re a bit unsure or hop over to their website and drop them a message before you pay them a visit.

The Decor

As Cornerstone the decor was fresh, neutral and bright so it would take a drastic change to really give the sense that the business was catching a different wave.

The interior of The Kraken has had a complete paint overhaul with a focal palette of teal and dark admiral blue fully embracing the nautical connotations of the name. Real wood panelling on the walls and table tops further emphasises the natural elements of the theme, with a few quirky tiles along the main wall for added character – but I’ll let you visit and see those for yourself, I don’t want to give away all the fun!

The Kraken Interior

The Food

As previously mentioned there are delicious options for different taste palettes and dietary needs. Vegan patties, gluten free pasta, homemade chorizo and a good ol’ traditional full English fry up! I can’t wait to see what they come up with for their full summer menu.

Settling myself in my seat I already knew what I was ordering having prepared myself the night before. I’m not the only one to do this when they’re going out, right?! The member of staff who took my order was lovely and didn’t make me feel hurried, giving me a chance to get myself comfortable before I ordered my Eggs Benedict with crispy bacon and medium latte. I was not disappointed when it arrived!

Eggs Benedict from The Kraken

When ordering I was asked if I liked my bacon crispy and crispy it was! The muffin was toasted just right – I could see colour but without the look of just missing being burnt. Personally I find hollandaise sauce best in small doses and the amount on the top of the muffins was just right for the portion of food served with it. You don’t want a soggy breakfast but still need a nice light coating. And finally, the piece de resistance. The eggs. Were they done in a pan mould? Definitely not, that’s the look of someone knowing their way round a pan of hot water.

Then came the test. Was there a runny centre when I cut in? It was glorious! So glorious I tucked straight in and passed on the photography of an egg yolk.

There is already a plan in place for Carl and I to pay a visit next week when we’re both off. I’ve not even been gone from the place 5 hours, that’s got to be a good sign right?

Remember it’s 50% off until Sunday 3rd June (inclusive) so if you fancy trying some good local food supporting a new local business you don’t want to miss out The Kraken!

What’s your breakfast destination recommendation?

Leave me a comment so I can check them out!



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