Antler Alpine Bar and Restaurant – Newcastle Restaurant Week 2018

Newcastle Restauarant Week 2018 is in full swing! After perusing the multitude of menus available at the many restaurants taking part Carl and I decided that Antler Alpine Bar and Restaurant’s menu quite took our fancy. There have been a mixture of reviews when it comes to Antler but Carl and I are the sort to give a place a go for ourselves – then at least we can say we tried, right?

The inside decor is a very alpine feel with comfortable high back chairs and solid tables. Relaxed with an edge of ski lodge comfort and sophistication!

Antler Alpine Bar and Restaurant Newcastle – Interior

With Antler’s restaurant week menu consisting of 2 courses for £10 (or 3 courses for £15) we opted to go for mains & desserts – restaurant week probably isn’t the best idea when your trying to watch what you eat!

Antler Alpine Bar and Restaurant – Restaurant Week Menu

For main course Carl and I both chose Currywurst. When it arrived I wasnt necessarily expecting the currywurst to be deconstructed, but it lets you control the amount of sauce that goes on so I guess it’s not a bad way to do it. It also makes eating with a knife and fork easier so a lot less mess!

Antler Alpine Bar and Restaurant – Currywurst

The Currywurst came accompanied by fries which came on the side in a metal bucket – which I forgot to snap but fries look like fries – they were very tasty though, so they can do the simple things right!

Antler Alpine Bar and Restaurant – Interior

Time for the dessert. I ordered the German cheesecake with fruit compote and I was sold from the first bite – divine! We definitely made the right choice going for desserts instead of starters as I think there would have been some major food envy if only one of us had gotten dessert!

Antler Alpine Bar and Restaurant – Cheesecake dessert

Between our main dishes being cleared and ordering dessert there was quite a wait so I think we may have been forgotten as wanting to order dessert, as we had to go to the bar after waiting a while to eventually order the sweet stuff. Not good when hankering for cake!

That was the only real slip up from the staff as otherwise they were very friendly and helped with the relaxed feel of the place – I just hope they don’t stay too relaxed as others may not wait like we did.

Other than this, the atmosphere was comfortable, the music was upbeat but remained in the background without being overbearing (there were a few throwback tunes thrown in there, which for a nostalgic listener like me was spot on)

I would definitely have the food again so am willing to go back and give another go!

Has anyone else been trying Ne1 Restaurant Week?

Let me know your experiences!


6 thoughts on “Antler Alpine Bar and Restaurant – Newcastle Restaurant Week 2018

    1. Unfortunately I haven’t any experience with the real thing, but have been told this version is poor! It’s a big shame as it’s the only restaurant of its kind in Newcastle, but it almost feels like it’s using that to be lazy – it would thrive if it were to up its efforts!


    1. I’m definitely glad we paid restaurant week prices, which is a shame for a place with such lovely decor but I wouldn’t have been happy paying full menu price. Definitely stick to the real thing! Could be worth trying for drinks as long as the staff keep up!


      1. Yeah, I don’t know their usual prices but wouldn’t be happy paying a lot of money for that when you can get some good stuff at the food markets at Monument, and they’re covered in the curry sauce, just how I like it haha! Yeah, I’m intrigued by the decor so might pop in for a nosy some time! X

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The currywurst was £9.50 on the regular menu if I remember rightly, so for what you get it’s not the greatest value at all. Yeah, I’m definitely going to try the market one now to compare!


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