Life In Progress

So, it’s been a little quiet on the blog front. I’ve had the ideas. The notes have been made. That’s when the process would stop.

I couldn’t even explain to you why. The unfortunate thing is I’ve been taking this approach with a few aspects of life. Now, I am determined to put life in progress. Never stop learning, never stop pushing.

At work, I go into autopilot mode on arrival and come home when the day is up. I’m happy in my job, please don’t take this as otherwise – I simply haven’t spent the time asking myself if there’s anything I can do to improve my performance in what I’m doing.

Last night I stayed back with other members of staff to get a refresher training session. Did I already know some of it? Sure – I’ve been at the same job for ten years in October, it would be concerning if I didn’t know any of it. Did I learn something new? Definitely! There is always going to be another technique or informative discovery that can improve your performance and way of thinking about the way you work. Progress.

Earlier this week, as I entered the changing room at the gym, I had a sudden urge to go on the treadmill. I have NEVER been a runner and I have always felt disdain towards for the machine that tried to make me into one. I can’t even run around the block – I’ve tried! Multiple times! So, this was a strange new feeling for me to actually want to get on a machine that makes you run. Do you want to know what happened? I ran for 3 minutes straight. To some people that’s nothing. To me? It’s improvement! 

There was a time where I would alternate minutes of walking and running to try and build up my stamina. By the end of each ten minute set, I’d be red faced, aching and just done. So to feel invigorated and only looking slightly pink at the end of this most recent set, with a 3 minute consecutive run within it – I feel proud and accomplished that I can push myself to go further. I can progress.

Even my diet is pushing in progress! Recently my mam has been saying “You wouldn’t have eaten that at home” quite frequently. It doesn’t even irritate me, all it does is reinforce the fact that I am becoming more willing to try different things. For example, last month Carl and I had Moroccan-style chicken and couscous for tea. There was a time I’d never even entertain the idea of couscous even being in the cupboard, yet here I am planning meals around it! 

In terms of the blog I have only tonight put pen to paper and written bullet notes for four blog posts, that I am determined to get typed up in the next few days and go live in the next month.

I am determined to get more of my life in progress.

What have been your points of life in progress recently?

Let’s share and encourage!

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