A Savoury Stop in a Sweet Place – Lunch at Great British Cupcakery

The Great British Cupcakery has fast become a Newcastle hotspot for cakes, freakshakes, mermaid waffles and the most instagrammable interior decor – thanks to their recent refurb. With its flower walls and marble tables it’s no surprise GBC has made its way on MYA’s list of The Most Instagrammable Hot Spots In the UK. If you “do it for the ‘gram” and haven’t paid them a visit yet I highly recommend you have a stroll along Newcastle Quayside and treat yourself. If you can get a seat that is!


When my mam, Grandma and I went for a day in Newcastle I knew I had to bring them here so they could see what I was fussing over. The first visit I had here with Mam was for the afternoon tea – which you may have seen in one of my past posts here. But, we were being a bit sensible this day and decided to go for their sandwich menu instead of a purely cake filled lunch. (Although these lunches are encouraged!)


Grandma went for their Carvery Cut Ham and Pease Pudding sandwich, Mam the Cheddar and Homemade Onion Chutney, myself the Brie and Cranberry – classics! All of the sandwiches are available on your choice of white or brown bread. When I say bread I mean doorstop bread! The proper thick stuff you almost break your jaw trying to fit in your mouth if you don’t squash it first.

All of the sandwiches were deemed delicious – so much so Mam and I went 50/50 so we could have some of each others. We washed our food down with a tea for Grandma (which she deemed “the best cup of tea I’ve had outside the house in years!”) and an Americano for Mam. Me? Oh, hey Pink Latte!


I’d seen the legend of the Pink Latte on The Great British Cupcakery’s Instagram and just had to get one. No, the milk isn’t flavoured, but it’s pink so it had to be purchased on the first visit post-refurb!


By the time we made our way through our lunch we had no room left for a sweet treat this time. It won’t be too long until I’m back though, I’ve already told Carl this is where I would like to go for my birthday treat – so pure cake indulgence then I think, that’s what birthdays are for, right?

They also have a special Festive Afternoon Tea running from 26th November to 24th December. Unfortunately I missed out on this last year so I’m superexcited to be going with my parents this year as part of the festivities this year.

There is also a Harry Potter Afternoon Tea available from 15th October to 4th November – the initial release of bookings filled up so quickly they had to release a second lot!

Menu and information for Great British Cupcakery Festive Afternoon Tea available here.

Menu and information for Harry Potter Afternoon Tea available here.

Have you been to Great British Cupcakery before? What’s your favourite spot in Newcastle for a lunch stop?

Leave a comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “A Savoury Stop in a Sweet Place – Lunch at Great British Cupcakery

    1. It’s so pretty!!! And everything they serve is amazing and tasty. They’ve gone into a Wizarding mode at the moment for the lead up to Halloween so not sure if the unicorn shake specifically will be available – but either way it’s definitely worth checking out!


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