A Day Trip to Edinburgh’s Christmas Markets 2018

If there’s anything that brings a festive explosion to a city it’s a Christmas Market. This year myself and Amy from Amy Reads Sometimes hopped on the train to pay a visit to Edinburgh’s Christmas!

If there’s one city that knows how to do Christmas it’s Edinburgh. Food stalls brimming with tasty treats, seasonal aromas filling the air, ice rinks and the most beautiful lights strung up all around the city.


Edinburgh’s Christmas at Princes Street Gardens

The beautiful thing about Edinburgh at Christmas is that it’s not just the market that puts in the effort, but shops and restaurants around the city take it upon themselves to adorn their door with twinkling lights, gorgeous garlands and floral wreaths.


Just posing outside The Dome in Edinburgh – the most beautiful festively decorated place in the city.

I’ve been fortunate to visit Edinburgh’s Christmas event in the past and it never disappoints. The atmosphere is full of festive fun – just don’t expect to see me on the swings flying around above the stalls!

This particular stall was brimming with all things festive! From scented garlands and wreaths to tree decorations and mulled wine kits it has everything to make a beautiful festive night in. I did not want to leave this stall as it just made me feel like I was in a bubble of Christmas scented joy!

Naturally we paid a visit to the sweet stalls. Have you even been to a Christmas market if you haven’t had something covered in sugar? My treat to myself was a waffle sprinkled in sugar and smothered in chocolate sauce – yum!

As we travelled up midweek we found Edinburgh’s Christmas to be easily managed without trying to get around bustling crowds. It’s a shame about the rain but what more can you expect this time of year, I suppose!

Is Edinburgh’s Christmas a part of your Christmas build-up this year?

Have you visited any Christmas markets outside of your own city? If so, where?

Inspire me!


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