Box it! Reverse Advent Calendars – The Season of Giving

The season of giving is upon us and unfortunately – as with all year round – there are people struggling. No, this isn’t a soap box post, it’s just little ol’ me suggesting a way to help those who have less at the time of year we all spend the most.

The cost of it to you? A couple extra pounds in your food shop.

Over the past few years Reverse Advent Calendars have become a way of helping Foodbank Charities at their busiest time of year, while still keeping the Festive Spirit of Giving fully alive.

Just like any other traditional advent calendar it works with 25 items (don’t even try me with those 24 day calendars) and all you will need is a box to box it. Or a bag or basket, whatever you fancy – I just like saying “box it”.

For every day leading up to, and including, Christmas place a item of food or toiletries into the Reverse Advent Calendar box.

The Start of a Reverse Advent Calendar

See a great deal on selection boxes? Box it! Pick up an extra one, stick it in your Reverse Advent Calendar and you’ve just made a child’s Christmas. That random shower gel at the back of the bathroom cupboard from last Christmas? Box it! A single tin of your local supermarket’s cheapest, most basic soup, costing on average less than 50p? Box it! Have a 3 for 2 offer and don’t need a third item? Buy a cheap cosmetic and box it!

It’s unbelievable how little you have to spend to get the items amassed for your Reverse Advent Calendar. If you check the Foodbank’s Wish List – typically available on their website, of which some are linked at the end of this post – you can see what they are in desperate need of due to low stock.

Many food banks have drop off locations in supermarkets and shops in their local area – get in touch with your local Foodbank to find out where their nearest drop off point is. Some Foodbanks may even suggest you drop off your Reverse Advent Calendar directly at their base.

Due to the high number of donations and collections at Foodbanks at this time of year, to make sure you get the most made of your Reverse Advent Calendar over Christmas, perhaps try and arrange for your donation to be received by the Foodbank by the middle of December – again contact your nearest food bank for their final collection date for the Christmas deliveries.

I’m going to box it – are you?


Please note that all donations will be gratefully received and given out after the Festive period if not received in time directly for Christmas. It’s never the wrong season to give.

A number of Foodbanks local to the North East area are linked below – to find your nearest Foodbank simply search “[Insert local area] Foodbank” or get in touch with your local council.

Foodbanks are not council run but recipients of food bank items are checked for eligibility before referral, so your council will likely have information on where best to send your Reverse Advent Calendar donation should you not come across direction easily.




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