A Year Round Valentine – When the Day Is Over

Now, there's so much to the history of traditional St Valentine's Day - but that's not what I'm here for so if you are then skip forward. I'm not a Valentine's hater by any stretch. But you won't find me in a huff if there's no bouquet of roses waiting for me. For example, this … Continue reading A Year Round Valentine – When the Day Is Over

What Not to Say to Newly-Weds

Now, this post is very much my own opinion and experiences on some rather popular phrases I've had directed at myself since getting married a few months ago. Experiences may differ for individuals and feelings may vary but just a helpful hint if you wish not to be stared down by a blushing no-longer-bride. There … Continue reading What Not to Say to Newly-Weds

My Happiness Planner

Now some of you may have already heard of The Happiness Planner , but those of you who don't - or want to read more about them - here's my take. I feel like I tend to put myself almost second to others and concentrate more on their wellbeing rather than my own. Not that … Continue reading My Happiness Planner